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Thanksgiving Stars: Quia Farms Tom Turkeys (Live Bird or Processed)

Thanksgiving Stars: Quia Farms Tom Turkeys (Live Bird or Processed)

Feast on Farm-Fresh: Quia Farms' Tom Turkeys for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, let tradition and taste come together with a stunning, farm-raised Tom turkey from Quia Farms. We take pride in offering a true farm-to-table experience, and this year, we’re featuring five magnificent Tom turkeys that are ready to be the pride of your festive gathering.

Our Toms are no ordinary birds. Weighing in at a hearty 25-30lbs each, they're likely to be even more substantial upon your final weigh-in — a perfect match for a grand celebration. With these birds, your guests won't just be thankful for the feast; they'll be impressed by the abundant, rich flavors of our naturally-raised turkeys.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving generosity and to simplify your holiday preparations, we've waived the deposit. A full payment of $100 ensures a live turkey is reserved just for you. For those who prefer a hassle-free holiday, we offer a complete processing service for an additional $50 per bird. This means for $150, you can have your turkey delivered ready-to-cook, with all processing — slaughtering, plucking, and cleaning — handled by our careful team.

We offer complimentary delivery throughout Cochise County on Wednesday, November 22nd 2023, allowing you to receive your turkey with convenience and confidence right before Thanksgiving.

Remember, our turkeys are not only impressive in size but in demand as well. With only five available, these birds are expected to fly off the farm quickly! Secure your Thanksgiving Tom right away and set the stage for a holiday meal that will be savored in memories as much as it is on palates.

Order now and elevate your Thanksgiving with the unparalleled taste of a Quia Farms turkey.
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