Turkey Feathers

Quia Farms' Feather Collection: An Ethical Journey from Free-Range Turkeys to Sierra Vista Market

Stepping foot onto Quia Farms at the break of dawn, one is welcomed by a deep sense of tranquility. The land, nurtured by many loving hands, pulses with life, singing nature's melodious symphony. As the first rays of sunlight kiss the dew-drenched fields, they cast a golden glow that tenderly illuminates the flourishing nut trees and herb gardens.

Closer to the heart of the farm, the turkeys roam freely, their distinctive gobbles reverberating through the crisp morning air. These are our pride and joy, raised with love and care from the moment they were but tiny hatchlings. Their lively presence and iridescent feathers that catch the morning light create a scene of surreal beauty.

On this farm, we have a particular task that requires a keen eye and delicate touch. Our turkeys, in their healthy, active lives, often shed their beautiful feathers. And it is our duty to gather these naturally discarded tokens, each unique in its intricate patterns and colors.

Carefully bending over, we select a feather lying on the ground. Against the sunlight, it presents a stunning spectacle of metallic green and bronze hues. After a thorough inspection, it is delicately placed in a gathering basket, its new journey just beginning.

The hours ebb away gently as we undertake this task of feather collection. When the sun reaches its zenith, we have a basket filled with the most exquisite turkey feathers, each ready to embark on a new life beyond the farm.

Come next Thursday, these feathers will find their place at the Sierra Vista Market. More than just a symbol of Quia Farms' commitment to ethical farming and sustainable practices, they stand as a tangible link between the farm and the community. They are a way for us to share the beauty and harmony that we cultivate here on our land.

As the day progresses, our turkeys' gobbles melt into the afternoon soundscape. Their feathers, those on their bodies and those in our basket, serve as a gentle reminder of the cycle of life and our role in it. At Quia Farms, we are more than just caretakers; we are an integral part of this intricate web of life, nurturing and sustaining the bounty that nature has entrusted to us.

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