About Quia Farms

Welcome to Quia Farms, where the sun-drenched soil of Saint David, Arizona, is the foundation of our down-to-earth farming practice. We’re in the business of growing not just food, but a sustainable way of life. Our produce, like the crisp cucumbers and richly flavored chilies, is seasonally selected and cultivated with care, reflecting the very best of our regional climate and our commitment to pure, natural taste.

But our passion for growth extends beyond the fields. We apply the same principles of simplicity and quality to our line of personal care products. Our all-natural toothpaste and gentle soaps are handcrafted with ingredients right from our land, free of unnecessary additives, promising a clean that’s genuinely green. Our loofas, grown organically on the farm, offer a biodegradable option for skin care, connecting your daily routine back to nature

At the heart of Quia Farms are our chickens and turkeys, which live in a stress-free, free-roaming environment. This humane approach to animal care is not just about ethics; we believe it also makes for better, nutrient-rich eggs—a difference you can taste and feel good about.
Quia Farms TurkeysHere at Quia Farms, we are more than just farmers—we are caretakers of the land and providers of high-quality, sustainable products that fit into your healthy lifestyle. Join us in embracing a living that’s true to the roots of Arizona farming.