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Quia Farms

Quia Farms Saint David Signature Pecans (1/2 Pound - 8oz)

Quia Farms Saint David Signature Pecans (1/2 Pound - 8oz)

Experience the unique taste of Quia Farm's pecans, grown in the fertile soils of Saint David, Arizona. We proudly cultivate two distinct varieties: the Burkett and the Choctaw, each boasting its own special flavor profile and texture.

The Burkett pecans, known for their rich and intense taste, are a true testament to our area's fertile lands, while the Choctaw pecans, with their robust size and sweet flavor, are a reflection of the Arizona sunshine under which they mature.

Watered by the Saint David Ditch, our pecans are a product of sustainable farming practices. This eco-conscious approach not only yields pecans with an unrivaled taste experience but also resonates with our commitment to preserving the environment.

Whether you relish the full-bodied taste of the Burkett or the sweet, robust flavor of the Choctaw, Quia Farm's pecans offer a captivating reflection of our Arizona heritage. Choose Quia Farm's pecans - a sustainable and flavorful choice for the discerning nut connoisseur.

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